Obesity- Your Health at Risk!!!

Obesity- Your Health at Risk

Tired of being a fun element among your friends and family? Do you get frightened while looking at yourself in to the mirror? Do you feel like just locking yourself into the room without getting connected to the bad world?

Getting into the college life and hanging over, some of the people star forgetting or rather they start getting dragged towards obesity without even being aware of it. People coming from rich background start flaunting their money by throwing birthday bashes for their friends, eating drastically without knowing about its consequences.

Slowly and gradually when they start realizing it gets very late, as the time passes away, they are already into the obese state. They start gaining extra weight. Some of them do not fit in to their clothes, that is when they start getting tensed. Gradually obesity leads to many health problems.

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Many great people understood that the more you gain additional weight, the higher your chances of being diabetic. Be as, it appears that a considerably bigger number of conditions ought to be added to the issues that some obese teenagers will likely face down this problem. The percent of youngsters and high school goers who are overweight is additionally growing. Among high school children aged 12 to 19, 18 percent are suffering from obesity, as per the 2008 information.

  • What is obesity?
  • Obesity is caused due to the excessive accumulation of body fat such that, individuals are over 20 percent heavier than their ideal body weight. Obesity is a common eating disorder.
  • In teens child health is excessively affected by negative fat in the body.
  • Obesity is among the easiest medical conditions to recognize but it is the most difficult to treat.
  • Overweight kids are significantly more prone to overweight grown-ups unless they receive and keep up healthier examples of eating and activity.
  • Causes of obesity
  • Obesity is caused when a person eats more than its normal routine, and he gets obsessed rather than burning the extra calories.
  • Some of the people have any hereditary problem as well; if the parents are suffering from obesity then the child also has 80 percent chances of getting obese.
  • Certain medical disorder can cause obesity; none of the physical disorder causes that.
  • Other reasons may be due to child’s physiological factor or the child’s body type.
  • family and peer problems
  • Low self esteem
  • Depression.
  • What are risks and complications of obesity? 

  • Obesity deals with many risks and complications such as ;
  1. increased risk of heart disease
  2. high blood pressure
  3. diabetes
  4. breathing problems
  5. trouble sleeping

  • How can obesity be managed and treated? 

  • Obese children need to go through a hard medical evaluation by a paediatrician or family physician to consider the possibility of a physical cause.
  • Physical activity should be taken more into the consideration. And the only way to lose weight is to burn the calories which is been eaten up.
  • Self Motivation is also a positive factor for the person suffering.
  • Since obesity often affects more than one family member, making healthy eating and regular exercise a family activity can improve the chances of successful weight control for the child.

  • Health Issues Related to Obesity :-

  • Obesity includes health issues such as Heart attack, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Stroke and many forms of Cancer.
  • Obesity can damage our parts, can ruin our body system and makes our lives shorten.
  • As a result, it leads to the disabilities and unhappiness and there is risk of being mentally ill.

  • Managing obesity in children :

  • Weight management programme should be implemented.
  • Eating habits should be changed.
  • Intake of calorie rich diet should be reduced.
  • More Physical Activity should be implemented in daily routine.

Obesity is becoming a lifelong issue. The reason most obese teen gain back their lost weight is that they tend to go back to their old habits of eating and exercising.  An obese teen must therefore learn to eat and enjoy healthy foods in moderate amounts and to exercise regularly to maintain a desired weight.