Finding the Best Drug Testing Kit: A Girl, a Job Interview and a Failed Drug Test

You might be looking for a drug testing kit for a variety of reasons. You may be responsible for hiring new staff for your company; you want to make sure your kids aren’t on drugs.  What you need is an accurate drug test that won’t fail.  Accusing someone of drug use is a serious action that could very well have legal implications depending on whom you are dealing with. It is therefore imperative that you get an accurate reading. The American Screening Drug Testing Company provides the best testing kit you can get on the market and we’ll tell you why.

True Story about America Screening Kits

There was an incident involving a state agency (which will remain anonymous for obvious reasons) and a girl who we shall call Meg. Meg has always dreamed of working for the said state agency, following in her accomplished father’s footsteps. She did her best throughout college and secured an interview fresh out of school.

She aced the interview and was very sure she would get picked for the position. The only thing standing between her and her dream job was a drug test. She had no worries about passing the test. After all, she had never taken drugs in her life.

It’s not because Meg was very religious or more principled than the average 20-something. Drugs have really never been in her scene. As an only child, she certainly had no negative influences from older brothers or sisters. She also grew up in a sheltered suburban life where none of her friends ever dabbled in drugs or alcohol.

She was so immersed in chasing her dream career that even in college she spent little time away from her books or close knit group of friends. The point is if you offered her a joint, she wouldn’t even know which end to light from.

Imagine her surprise when she got a call back about the interview in a week’s time only to be told she had failed the drug test. She tested positive for marijuana, a drug she has never even touched. She knew immediately that there must have been a mistake.

She immediately went online to find a home testing kit that she could use if only to vindicate herself. She wasn’t even interested in the job any more. She simply wanted to clear her name and prove that the state agency had been wrong.


Long story short she found the American Screening Drug Testing Company. She ordered Drug Testing – at home drug panel and urine test kits, which of course returned a negative result for marijuana and all other drugs. She stormed into the state agency’s HR department with her results in hand, demanding for an explanation.

Some calls were made, new testing equipment ordered (from the American Screening Drug Testing Company) and a short while later it was clear that the previous testing kit had been faulty. The company immediately changed vendors and has since relied only on our testing kit. As for Meg, she got her apology and her dream job. No one got fired in this story; only a stern talking to!


Per Wickstrom Explains the Importance of Recovery

Drug AddictionWhat matters the most to Per Wickstrom giving others a second chance at life and helping them get through their drug addiction problem. If Per Wickstrom can do it, then so can anyone else. Per Wickstrom, the current CEO and founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation, has a reputation of being a successful entrepreneur and a public figure in today’s society. The way that Per Wickstrom and his employees deal with drug addiction is through a unique approach, which is called a holistic and natural method for recovery. Many people in the first place believe that a drug addiction isn’t something serious but this is false. What people don’t know is that a drug addiction is a chronic brain disease and oftentimes individuals can’t help themselves and crave these drugs because they are born with this addiction. At the Best Drug Rehabilitation, A Forever and Choices Recovery, every individual that walks through those doors is able to get the best recovery possible due to the development of a dynamic recovery strategy that is adaptable to any addict. These rehabs are located around the Michigan area and all work towards the same goal, which is to give individuals a new shot at a healthy drug free life.

How Recovery Works

Basically the way that recovery works at all of Per Wickstrom’s centers is done through either inpatient or outpatient rehabs. You as the recovery addict get to choose what program would be right for you but right off the bat Per Wickstrom will explain that undergoing a natural and holistic method for recovery and undergoing an inpatient program is what will give you your life back the fastest. This is also the most effective way for any individual to regain their life back. Although you have to take away from your family and work life, in the end it does pay off because your loved ones surrounding you have been going through a lot since you as the addict started abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. Going through an inpatient rehab program according to Per Wickstrom pays off and gives everybody a stress break. The reason why Per Wickstrom is a strong believer when it comes to rehabilitation is due to the fact that he himself went through rehab. It actually took Per four different rehabs until he was drug-free but the last rehab he decided to go to was one of a holistic and natural approach and that is exactly why Per Wickstrom today chooses the same method for recovery at each of his successful rehab centers.