The Different Ways to Find Out About Cancer Clinical Trials

Volunteering to be part of a clinical trial is becoming increasingly popular, and if you want to join one, the best way to begin is by talking with your doctor or cancer specialist. Your physician should know about trials taking place in areas that are not too far away, and any comprehensive national or even international studies being conducted.


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As your doctor has all your medical details, they will know whether you are a suitable candidate for any given trial.

Listed Information

Cancer Research UK maintains a database that can be searched for suitable trials. This database aims to encompass trials being undertaken by a wide range of scientists who are recruiting patients. The database contains a lot of information that may be useful to those interested in discovering more about what is going on in the field of cancer study.

The database can be searched according to criteria meeting types of treatment, types of cancer and stages of cancer. Nurses are also listed on the database, and they are available to discuss the research.

Alternative ways of becoming involved include doctors asking patients to take part, or other medical professionals calling for volunteers.

If you see a trial you think may be suitable, print out the information and take it to your doctor to discuss. The process of joining a trial includes meeting a number of criteria, and your doctor is the appropriate person to start the process.

Help for Sufferers

Clinical trials can be extremely helpful in testing treatments, developing new drugs or completing the steps of taking a drug to market by supporting companies to help with FDA 510k. In a recent report from the BBC, it was highlighted how patients participating in a study conducted in the UK and three other countries yielded valuable data in treating pancreatic cancer.

The process of taking a new drug to market is a complex one, and anyone thinking of doing so should consult experts such as FDA third party review, who can help with all the necessary steps.

The vital first step to joining a clinical cancer trial is to talk with your doctor and examine the trial database. Your physician should be able to give support in finding the right trial for you.