The Cabin Chiang Mai | Asia’s Best Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre

the-cabin-chiang-maiWhen you are ready to get the help you need, Thailand’s The Cabin Chiang Mai is standing by ready to offer the most comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation services available anywhere in Asia.

The Cabin Chiang Mai is a private in-patient rehab facility located in a secluded area just outside the city of Chiang Mai, located in Thailand’s Northern Province. With an award-winning medical staff and state-of-the-art facilities, The Cabin Chiang Mai offers world-class rehabilitative services for treating drug and alcohol addictions, as well as process addictions such as gambling or sex addictions.

The staff, facilities and treatment options offered at The Cabin Chiang Mai are among the best in the world and are equal to or better than the best private facilities located in the West.

Comprehensive Holistic Treatment

From the moment you arrive at The Cabin, you will encounter a caring, helpful staff whose only concern is to help relieve you from your addictions. The Cabin’s world-renowned treatment plans take a holistic approach to healing you from the inside out. Not only will your substance abuse issues be addressed in a comprehensive and health-inducing manner, but underlying issues such as depression, anxiety and frustration also will be addressed.

Given its global reputation as one of the prestigious and most respected in-patient addiction rehabilitation facilities in the world, The Cabin Chiang Mai attracts a diverse clientele from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, the USA, the Middle East and many other countries. They also treat many expats and locals from across Southeast Asia, including Thailand, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Cabin also has long-standing relationships with many leading international and regional businesses to provide addiction recovery services to their employees who require them, as well as to provide comprehensive training on addiction issues in the workplace.

Since opening in 2009, The Cabin has successful treated more than 800 clients, and the success rate keeps improving every month. The facility offers confidentiality and anonymity as clients are aided with their recovery with dignity and respect.

World-Class Addiction Expertise

The Cabin Chiang Mai boasts one of the most experienced and recognized drug rehab staff in Southeast Asia. With a combined experience of more than 80 years in treating drug, alcohol and other addictions, the medical professionals at The Cabin provide clients with the most comprehensive and successful addiction rehabilitation programs available anywhere.

Many of the psychiatrists, psychologists and addictions counselors received their training in the UK, Australia and the US. And all of the licensed addiction counsellors have received DANOS certification.

Clients receive 24-hour nursing and medical care that conforms to the highest international standards. And the program is supervised by Thailand’s foremost expert on addiction and certification. Counsellors and medical professionals are supported by some of the most highly trained and experienced support, fitness and reception staff available anywhere.

In-Patient Drug Rehab Program

Treatment plans are custom tailored to fit the individual’s personal needs. But all of the drug rehab programs follow consistent holistic, intelligent, non-religious treatment techniques that can be successfully completed by all clients, regardless of their cultural backgrounds or personal beliefs.

Other benefits of The Cabin’s in-patient drug rehab program include:

  • One of the highest success rates and lowest relapse rates in the addictions recovery industry

  • Complete alcohol and drug detoxification service

  • Comprehensive treatment of dual diagnosis, such as depression and anxiety, as well as trauma and addiction services

  • Highly-skilled and experienced medical staff trained in Australia and the UK, all of whom are supervised by Thailand’s leading full-time clinical psychiatrist specializing in addiction and dual diagnosis

  • World-class facilities and comfortable amenities that allow clients to recover in a peaceful, inspiring environment

  • Individual accommodations that provide privacy and respect each client’s dignity

  • Exceptional value by providing world-class recovery services at about a third of the cost of what rehab centers in the West charge

  • The industry’s only pro-rata refund policy should a client choose to drop out of the program within the first seven days of treatment. This astonishing promise demonstrates The Cabin’s confidence in the quality and success rate of the facility as compared to other drug and alcohol rehab centers

Industry-Leading Success Rate

While data on the success rates of other rehab facilities aren’t generally made public, the operators of The Cabin are proud of their ability to provide comprehensive treatment services that result in the full recovery of the vast majority of its clients. Treatment completion rates at The Cabin are an industry-leading 96%. These results have were both compiled and verified by registered psychologies with the Australian Psychologists’ Board.

If you or somebody you love is finally ready to take charge of their lives, The Cabin Chiang Mai offers the finest addictions recovery services available anywhere. Call today so that the healing process can begin.

About the Author – This guest post is a work of John Johnson from The Cabin Chiang Mai, Asia’s best and most respected drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment centre.

What They Don’t Tell You About Growing Older

When you were ten, you probably thought 40 was old. When you turn 60, you probably hoped to be still 40. Age may be just a number, and you may have prepared yourself emotionally that you’ll keep on being your youthful self, but sometimes your age just catches up with you. You start noticing—or forgetting—little things, things that didn’t even matter to you before. It’s true that there are some things that only come about with age. Here are some of the things they don’t tell you about growing older.

Toes? What toes? It’s bad enough that you can’t reach your toes well enough to clean them; you also have to deal with unsightly toenails that need to be cut. Just thinking about foot care makes your back hurt.

Fighting with bras. Doing up bra straps can make you wish you were male and not have to wear one ever. But at this phase in your life, you’ll need more support than ever, but those straps just won’t cooperate. Just making those two ends meet turns you into a circus contortionist, just not the successful kind.

Those darn knees. Getting up from a kneeling or a crouching position can often be an exercise in futility. When you drop something and attempt to retrieve it, you immediately weigh the pros and cons of the methods of retrieval: do you lean down and risk breaking your back; do you crouch and risk breaking your hips; or do you kneel and never get up from the floor again?

Some things just won’t open. A weakened grips can also weaken your resolve whenever you want to eat some jam or drink a bottle of iced tea. You’ll be wishing you bought one of those nifty lid openers from that Japanese (or was it Korean?) products store.

It’s always cold. With aging comes the slowing down of the metabolic process, which means you’re not as good at maintaining a normal body temperature as you were 20 years ago. As a result, you get cold easily and have to pile on at least two sweaters before venturing out to the garden.

I cooked with this? You remember the time when you cooked with that pan and even did a quick flick of the wrist to flip pancakes, but now you wonder how on earth you even got to lift it off the stove. Admittedly, things are becoming heavier and heavier.

Hair in the wrong places. Your crowning glory is getting thinner, but you’re turning into Santa Claus with all that facial hair that wasn’t there a decade ago. You find out that the unladylike hair on your upper lip is called a momstache.

Where’s the bathroom? This seems to be your favorite question every time you go in a new restaurant, coffee shop, hair salon, bookstore, supermarket, and government office. You always hope you’re going in the right direction, or there’s going to be hell to pay, especially since you forgot to buy adult incontinence supplies again.

If you think those things are terrible, don’t worry—everything has a silver lining! With age comes wisdom, plus folks of your vintage are always given special seats at the theater!